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A lender may consider a short sale if the seller is current but the value has fallen. The seller may be over-encumbered, that is, owe more than the home is worth, so a discounted price might bring the price in line with market value, not below it.

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1. list short sale property only when the seller actually cares if it sells. 2. Spend less time at a short sale listing presentation by ordering a title package to determine additional liens. 3. Only take one lien or one lender short sales. 4. refer the rest. 5.

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When browsing "Active" property on my website, if you see in the description that it’s "Active With Contract," please understand that it’s not really active and that it does have an accepted contract on it, however it’s most likely a short sale and the seller wants to leave the property on the market for a backup offer to use in the event the.

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However, the impact varies. With a short sale, though your credit score could drop up to 150 points, you should be able to buy a new home right away if that’s something you’re interested in doing..

While completing a short sale can be a good option for homeowners who want to avoid a foreclosure, short sales come with the following potential disadvantages and risks. You Might Have to Pay a Deficiency Judgment. In a short sale, the sale price is less than the amount that the borrower owes on the mortgage.

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