"Hey Jim, I saw your listing and saw your post for the new house. It’s a beautiful house and a great neighbourhood. I want to share it on my social profiles. I hope that helps and by the way if there is anything else I can do to help you market that home, please let me know as I’m pretty good in the digital marketing area."

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THE BANKS RESPONSE TO YOUR SHORT SALE. In whole and on average, it takes 2-3 months if you have only 1 mortgage. The response from the bank can be either to accept your offer as is, or they can counter the offer trying to reduce the costs of the short sale by asking the buyer for a higher price, better terms or money from the seller.

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Debt settlement companies, also sometimes called "debt relief" or "debt adjusting" companies, often claim they can negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount you owe. Consider all of your options, including working with a nonprofit credit counselor, and negotiating directly with the creditor or debt collector yourself .

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Can Halloween Help You Sell Your House? 3 Spooky Sales Tricks to Try Right Now Knock, knock: Who’s there? It may sound old-fashioned, but if there’s ever a sign that agents want your business.

Selling your property while in mortgage is a fairly common thing. Being in mortgage simply means you still owe money to your lender and have not yet satisfied your home loan. Typical mortgages run 15 to 30 years, and homeowners regularly sell their homes to move before loans are paid.

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