A Florida law firm, the firm’s main attorney, and his wife stand accused of running a predatory foreclosure rescue scam that preyed on Hispanic homeowners who were struggling with their mortgages.

A former paralegal with Florida’s largest foreclosure law practice has told state investigators that the firm routinely signed court paperwork without reading it, misdated records, forged.

Attorneys at Chain Cohn Stiles, the veteran Bakersfield law firm that has been part of downtown Bakersfield for 80 years, cut the ribbon Wednesday on their. even for the officers to be familiar.

To foreclose, the bank submitted to the Collier County clerk's office on March 3 a. Among the snags: state law permits lenders to file to foreclose only if they. In a case involving a foreclosure by HSBC Bank USA, a New York state court. Some loan servicers “continue to cut corners,” said David Stevens,

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Unfortunately, the burden that bootstrapping places on your wallet may tempt even a seasoned entrepreneur to cut corners. the most expensive law firm may not be the best match. Most law firms are.

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There’s a long list of documented abuse by foreclosure mills, which are often specialist law firms built to handle thousands of foreclosures at once. Because of their financial incentives, firms are rewarded for each action they take and frequently cut corners on legally mandated steps of the process.

Some law firms are known for having certain types of clients and, because of this, they tend to hire attorneys who look and behave in a certain way.. to do the work in the way I wanted it done because he had learned to practice law in a way that relied on shortcuts and cutting corners.

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 · In Foreclosure Crisis, Scrutiny Turns to ‘Lost-Note’ Affidavits. (Citigroup Inc. said Tuesday that it had stopped initiating foreclosures through a Florida law firm, the law offices of David J. Stern, which is being investigated by the Florida attorney general.) A few analysts have tried to quantify the magnitude of the problem.

New lawyers will find the palatial corner offices and somber wood paneling that symbolized success for generations of attorneys in shorter supply as they climb the ladder at their firms. Some law.